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Vriksha Homeware Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Vriksha Homeware Copper Moscow Mule Mug

We have been waiting for this for over two years for this announcement. We are excited to launch Vriksha Homeware in the United States. Our first line of premium tradition copperware collection is available via ETSY & Bonanza today. Visit our shop and grab your favorite drinkware!

Beginning with Copper drinkware, we will expand our product line to include other tableware, serve ware, cookware storage, and home decor. Our unmatched quality and sustainable products are designed to look elegant and add exceptional beauty to your dining table.

We take quality seriously. Our products are designed to stand out and last longer so that you won’t have to buy more. We carefully curate products right from scratch, and it begins with raw material until we ship it to you. If we are serious about quality, we are more serious about the environment. Right from the start, we want to eliminate waste in any form, and that is why we decided to ditch packaging. Our packaging is plastic-free.

Our ideal is to embark on a journey to make your homes happier and healthier than ever. That’s our promise. So, join us on our journey.