10 Best 7-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

10 Best 7-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

7 Year Wedding Anniversary

The seventh year of marriage is considered as strenuous – apparently, the ‘seven-year itch’ is a real prodigy for many – but you and your partner have made it there, and that’s a marvelous reason to celebrate. With years passing by, love and togetherness remained constant pillars of strength. Fast approaching your seventh wedding anniversary, and walk to surprise your beloved with a very special gift? Choose copper. Copper is one of the most traditional gifts connected with seven years. Here is your unique copper gifts guide to help choose nothing but the best:

1. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Sipping a cool drink with your partner while cherishing your moments together can bring immense joy. The mugs can be a stunning addition to your crockery unit. You surely can enjoy the gift together for many more years to come.

2. Copper & Wood Personalized Tealight Candle Holders

A tealight candle holder can make a romantic perfect gift. Not only does it look stunning, but an essential oil aroma can envelop the surroundings with fragrance to lighten up the mood. 

3. Copper Cufflinks

Minimal is not always monotonous as these copper cufflinks slay with every style of shirt. And this elegant piece can remind your better half about you throughout his day.

4. Copper Water Jugs

Water jugs made of copper make a wise, thoughtful gift for your beloved. The market offers a great variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. Gift a copper water jug, give your beloved the key to good health.

5. Copper Foil Map Dart Board

“Travel twinkles your eyes and springs your step”, and if this statement is true for your partner, then nothing can beat this gift. If you and your spouse love you to travel, the map dartboard can be just perfect for you two. You can take the map of different countries and mark the places that you have traveled to. Scribble the year and month with your dart, as you travel back in time and relive your memories. 

6. Copper Water Bottle

When you love someone, you naturally worry about their health. Overnight storing drinking water in a copper vessel, and having it first thing in the morning comes with several benefits. Gift your beloved a copper water bottle for its numerous health benefits. Having that pair of stylish copper bottles at the sides of your bed gives extra brownie points to the look of the room.

7. Copper Wine Stopper

Although it’s difficult to control and not just finish the entire wine bottles when the celebration calls for a big gig. This copper Wine stopper can save the last sips of wine from losing its taste and color. It is an amusing add-on gift for the wine lover on their seventh.

8. Copper Heart-shaped bowls

Gift your partner a stylish pair of bowls and a slate. The gift is the perfect pick for couples who love to stay entertained and binge-watching was their last best event. Why not have your favorite popcorns or chips and dips in that hearty bowl, a gesture of love.

9. Handmade Copper LOVE sign

A cute love sign can be a quick reminder to your better half of the bond you share. The piece can also be a style addition to your room. Place it by the plants or let it sit atop of the chest of drawers and add panache to your space.

10. Customized Copper Key Chain

Key chain made up of a copper sheet makes a rather unique flashy gift. The earthy metal copper, along with waterproof ink gives the piece a gorgeous look. Choose to have a customized heartfelt message scribbled on your gift. Personalized messages like “Drive safe, come back soon as tonight calls for the party” or “Long to go, let’s travel together” etc. can be a mushy romantic gesture, bound to rekindle the spark.