Christmas and Holiday gifts your employees will love!

Christmas and Holiday Gifts for Employees

The holiday season is around the corner and as an employer, we are sure that you are wondering what to gift your employees this for this Christmas and holidays. This year 2020 has been a year like no other and the holidays will take place during the pandemic amidst the novel coronavirus spread.  So, this needs to be considered while gifting as well. Want to make your gift more meaningful, healthy and useful too?  Vriksha Copperware has a line of heart-warming gifts that are a beautiful way to show your appreciation. 

 Go beyond those indulgent chocolate hampers and teas, Vriksha Copperware is more than just a bottle, cup or jug, it’s about gifting a whole, new, healthy lifestyle. And what could be more welcome than this anti-viral gift that promises to keep deadly viruses at bay.

  In fact, Vriksha Homeware’s DNA, “Made for Happy Healthy Homes.”, a perfect gift during the work from home era.

What makes Vriksha copperware so healthy?

Copper’s medicinal properties have been well-documented in various medical treatises. Ayurveda recommends the usage of water kept in a copper container. As far back as 1,600 B.C., the Chinese had the practice of using copper coins as medication to treat heart and stomach pain besides bladder diseases.

 Vriksha Homeware is made of pure copper and certified which helps you enjoy all the health benefits that come with it to the fullest. In COVID times, what makes copperware so attractive is that while bacteria and viruses can live on surfaces like plastic for days, on copperware their life is merely a few hours! The results of medical studies on copper have shown that 96% of the virus was killed in two hours and 99.2% in 5 hours,  Now, isn’t this a commendable difference? 

Copper is an essential nutrient for the health and vitality of our bodies. When water is kept in a copper container overnight, it becomes charged and drinking this water in the morning improves wellness and boosts immunity. Apart from the anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits, copper has numerous health benefits.

 A selection of fine gifts for your employees

Vriksha Homeware offers a selection of attractive copperware that has been beautifully crafted. The original color of copper gleams like a beautiful flame that dances in the light. Pure Art Engraved Copper Cups have an artistic element to them and come in sets of two or gift sets that include a Copper Jug. You can also choose the hammered finish. Copper mugs are a great way to serve your favorite beverages and the set of two makes a thoughtful gift.

 A copper water bottle makes a personalized gift that’s mighty useful too. This comes in a handy size that can be easily carried around everywhere. The average water bottle that is available can become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria quickly. Vriksha Copper bottles on the other hand have a self-sterilizing effect. The Vriksha Copper Pitcher is highly artistic and looks stunning when placed on the table.

 Vriksha Copperware makes gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime. Pure copper is known for its durability and our high-quality products live up to this. Go ahead, gift good health!


  • We can pick, pack and ship directly to your employees. We additionally offer gift wrapping and ensure guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.
  • Bulk Orders are discounted at 20% or more from the retail price, depending on the order size.
  • Custom gift messages or customized greetings printed on cardstocks.

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