Why should you choose copper utensils?

Why should you choose copper utensils?

copper utensils in kitchen

copper utensils in kitchen

  • Benefits of using copperware
  • Ayurvedic & Scientific significance of Copperware
  • How we focus on bring copper back to daily use

Bright, gleaming copperware are not just beautiful but also resonate with happiness and good health. The gorgeous pinkish-orange tone of this metal has given rise to the name “Jewellery of the Kitchen.” Copper is one of the oldest metals ever used by humanity and was known as far back as the neolithic age. Ancient civilizations such as the Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Native Americans used copper and understood its benefits.
India has always had a tradition of copper utensils and this has been advocated even in the ancient ayurvedic medical treatises. Copper utensils were used quite abundantly in ancient India and Rajput palaces boasted copious amounts of copper cooking utensils, spice boxes, storage containers, and more.

Copper & Its Elegance

To us, bringing copper into homes across the world is something that we love. Copper is a beautiful metal and its glowing surface lights up tables and kitchens in a way that nothing else really can. Luxury with a meaning, luxury that spreads health and happiness.

Our attractive range of copper jugs, copper glasses, copper bottles and other copperware reflects modern aesthetics and also carries with it a rich legacy. The elegant finishes and the high-quality pure copper that it’s made from promises that you derive the best advantages of copper utensils. These are highly durable as well. They also make great gifts for friends and relatives, especially for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and so on.

Ayurvedic viewpoint of Copperware

Copper utensils are much applauded by Ayurveda. They are credited with having the astonishing ability to balance the three doshas present in the human body known as the vata, kapha and pitta. It works by ionizing the water. The best way to charge your water is to fill the copper vessel with it and leave it overnight. This water is known as Tamara Jal can be consumed over the day.

And here’s another fact that blew us away! When you store water in copper utensils, it never turns stale, and it stays fresh.

Antiviral & AntiBacterial properties of Copperware

One of the best benefits of storing water in copperware is that it has anti-microbial & anti-viral properties. It kills some of the most common bacteria that can also be quite dangerous to us. Recent studies have proved that a dreadful virus like the coronavirus (COVID19) dies in just 4 hours when placed on copper. It’s also powerful enough to help keep water-borne diseases like jaundice, dysentery, and so on at bay.

Copper Sharpens Your Brain

You will be surprised to know that copper can play a crucial role in assuring brain health. Our brain acts by transmitting impulses from neurons to neurons through synapses. The neurons are covered with what is known as the myelin sheath, which helps in conducting impulses. Copper plays a role in the formation of these. This also helps to keep the brain sharp.

Copper Slows Ageing

Keeping the onslaught of aging away is a Herculean task, but usage of copperware makes it easy. Copper is loaded with antioxidants and vigorously fights back against free radicals that hasten the process of aging.

Prevents from the Big C’

Cancer is quite a dreaded word and can strike fear into even the bravest heart. Drinking from copper products provides the necessary Antioxidants, which helps in fighting the free radicals associated with copper.

Copper for Healthy Skin

Who does not crave glowing skin? Regular use of copper utensils can bring you the excellent benefits of radiant skin as the copper helps melanin production, skin regeneration and collagen production. It works inside the stomach as a sterilizing agent that not only removes harmful bacteria but also clears toxins that lurk there, thus cleansing the body.

Why Vrikshas Homeware?

At Vriksha Homeware, we intensely researched the rich legacy of knowledge left behind by our ancestors and were intrigued by their healthy lifestyle. On investigating further, we realized that a lot of this could be attributed to their habit of eating and drinking from copper utensils. Inspired by the discovery that we had made, we decided to make it our mission to rejuvenate this beautiful ancient tradition and introduce the modern world to its multitude of benefits.

Vriksha Homeware has a whole range of copper products that includes glasses, bottles and pitchers. When you buy a copper product from us, you can be sure it lasts for a lifetime, unlike plastic and similar materials that may last for few months or years.

It’s a matter of pride and joy for us that we encourage the fine craftsmanship of artisans from India. We are happy to support this wonderful craft and keep it alive for future generations. We avoid middlemen and distributors and procure them directly from them, and we also invest in their welfare.

One of the things we strongly feel about is our environment. We are moving towards Mission Zero where we produce eco-conscious products and services that use zero plastics, add zero preservatives, send zero waste to landfills and cause zero adverse impact on the environment.

We have consciously decided to stay away from commercial platforms such as Amazon and sell through our own site, Etsy or local retailers.
Vriksha Homeware will bring in positive energy, health, and happiness into your home. Why not give it a try?