How to choose the best copper drinkware for your home?

How to choose the best copper drinkware for your home?

Best Copperware

Best Copperware

  • All Copper drinkware are not made equal.
  • Beware of adulterated copper
  • How to choose your copper drinkware

Ever since the world has woken up to the benefits of copper, especially in these days of COVID-19, the demand for copper products like Copper Cup and bottles have gone up. The fact that the virus cannot live on copper surfaces for long and also that drinking water stored in copper drinkware builds immunity are influential factors driving demand.

All copper drinkware are not made equal

No, it certainly is not. Cashing in on people’s desire to buy, different brands have come up with their offerings, but not all of them are trustworthy as they don’t use high-quality copper, and the purity is questionable. There are many unscrupulous sellers out to make a quick buck with substandard or even worse spurious products.

Dangers of adulterated copper drinkware 

Some unscrupulous manufacturers adulterate copper with zinc or lead. Lead can be quite toxic to the body. What is more alarming is that when the quantity of lead in the body goes beyond a specific limit, this can cause cancer and can even affect the reproductive system. The harm from such adulteration has far-reaching consequences.

How do I choose the right kind of copper drinkware then?

Choosing the right kind of copper drinkware is about doing a bit of research. Look at the cost. Pure copper does not come cheap. So, if someone is selling a copper utensil at a throwaway price or really cheap, steer clear of it. The product is not going to be up to the mark. The seller, you can be sure, is just out to make money without giving two hoots about quality.

  • Copper is heavy – Check the weight. Copper drinkware that feels light will not pass the test of purity. Real copper is heavy.
  • Certificate of Purity – Find out if the brand has any kind of certification available, this is a great way to ascertain the purity of copper in the product. When a trusted body has certified the brand, you can be sure.
  • Real Copper Darkens – If copper retains its color, can I assume that this is pure? On the contrary, this is not how it should be. Lining or Lacquering is a process that the copper is subjected to prevent it from darkening. This process will keep it shiny but will not serve the purpose since the water will never come into direct contact with the copper.
  • Copper is not cheap – Unless adulterated, copper is not cheap. As of date, the price of raw copper is Rs 450 /kg. If you consider molding, labor, transportation, packaging, engraving, and shipping, the price would be 400% per kg. That is without taxes.

Why choose Vriksha copperware?

We are very confident about the quality of our product and we’ll tell you why. We source copper from reputed sources and this high-quality copper in our products comes with trustworthy certification. The NABL National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories certifies that in copperware the composition should not be less than 97% Copper. Vriksha has crossed this test with flying colors and has been certified to have close to 99% copper.

Weight, as we had already mentioned is another good way to gauge the quality of copper drinkware. Here’s the comparison. While the average copper cup available weighs 62 grams, a Vriksha homeware cup weighs 140 grams.

Vriksha’s copperware will tarnish as no coating has been applied, just like the Statue of Liberty. This, however, ensures that you get the complete benefits of water stored in copper drinkware. Benefits that improve your health by building immunity and enriching your life. Why take a chance with other products? Choose Vriksha Homeware, your friend for life.