How to make a Herbal Skullcap Chamomile Tea?

How to make Herbal Skullcap Chamomile Tea Blend

How to make Herbal Skullcap Chamomile Tea Blend

Herbal teas remain a favorite for many of us. And if you are new to experiencing the medicinal values of herbs, then sipping it through a drink is a great way.  The mere process of making herbal tea takes you through an invigorating process and awakes a natural sense for self-healing in the body.

Making herbal tea is not only super simple but also an art.  And don’t worry if you’ve never brewed tea in your life. We can help you can make a good cup of herbal tea. All you need is a quarter gallon jar with a tight-fitting lid, the selected herbs, and water that has reached the boiling point.

In this recipe blog, we will show you how to make a Herbal Skullcap Chamomile Tea by infusion.

What is Skullcap Chamomile Tea, and Why Does it Matter?

Skullcap & Chamomile are herbal plants with medicinal values. Skullcap is often used to treat trouble sleeping (insomnia), anxietystroke, fever, high cholesterol, tension, allergies,  and inflammation. Chamomile has been used widely for stomach ailments and as a mild sedative.

 A herbal blend of Skullcap & Chamomile Tea has amazing health benefits if taken regularly.

Skullcap – Chamomile Tea Blend

These are the steps involved in making a Skullcap-Chamomile Herbal tea.


  • Two parts lemon mint (fresh)
  • Two parts skullcap(fresh or dried)
  • 1 part chamomile (fresh or dried)
  • 1 part feverfew

Note: Parts are nothing but the ratio of herbs to mix. For this example, you would mix skullcap and chamomile in 2:1 ratio.


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Infusion is one of the methods to make herbal tea, but for Skullcap – Chamomile tea, this is the best method. We make the tea Infusions from the more delicate parts of the herb, including the leaves, flowers, and the stem.

Combine the herbs and prepare an infusion. This mixture must be then soaked, rather than simmered because they give up their medicinal properties more quickly than do the more robust roots and barks.

To make an infusion,

  1. Boil quarter gallon of water per ounce of herb mixture (1:1 ratio).
  2. Add water over the herb(s) and let soak for 30 to 60 minutes. The herb-to-water ratio varies, depending on they are fresh or dried (use half as much if the herb is dry), and how bold you wish the finished tea to be. Use your taste buds and find the right balance.
  3. Let it cool and store it.

When you are ready to taste it, add sugar/honey if needed. Typically Chamomile tea tastes best without sweeteners.

Chamomile teas can be drunk hot, lukewarm, or chilled. While we don’t recommend using copper cups for hot beverages, using your copper mugs for lukewarm or ice tea enriches the flavor.

Once you have brewed your herbal tea,  you can store it in a refrigerator, and it will taste excellent for up to 4 days. So, it saves time. You could make a quart of tea and have it each morning or in the evening after work. I would recommend sipping your drink in small amounts several times daily. If you have cold, fever, or headaches, take several small sips every 30 minutes until the signs recede.

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