11 Facts About Copper Mineral You Should Know

Hammered Copper Pitcher in use

Did you know that Copper Mineral is essential for our survival? If that surprises your read more. This blog post will introduce you to copper and its impact on our lives. All the way from your immune system to antioxidants and anti-aging, copper mineral has surplus benefits.

Far as the history goes copper is the first known metal to the humans. Interestingly the ancient civilization used copper for Kitchenware and cookware , building weapons and even in crafting and constructing monuments. Recently studies about copper mineral revealed amazing facts and that helped them understand why Copper Cookware and Drinkware were the preferred utensils in those days.

Facts about Copper Mineral

  • Copper is an essential mineral in our daily diet. Its anti-bacterial and the anti-aging property is y crucial to prevent infections. As per a recent study, copper mineral ranks third in terms of quantities consumed in America after iron and Aluminium.
  • The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in its article recently published that every human being will consume an average of 1,309 pounds of copper during their lifetime for needs, lifestyles, and healthy well-being.
  • Bronze and Brass belong to the copper family. They are alloys of copper. While Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, bronze is a combination of tin, aluminum, silicon or beryllium.
  • Researchers were able to find traces of Copper Mineral from more than 10,000 years ago. The discovery of copper pendant in northern Iraq goes back to about 8500 B.C.
  • Chefs from around the world highly recommend Copper cookware. It has the highest heat transfer rate of any material used in cooking. It is also preferred because the copper distributes the heat evenly across and so no hot spots.
  • Copper and Brass as naturally alluring metals that are known for it’s quality, comfort, and beauty. That is why expensive and luxury restaurants, hotels, and interior decorators are prone to using copper & brass decors and serve-wares.
  • Rob Reed, a microbiologist researcher, conducted a study on storing water in copper vessels in an Indian village. He learned that drinking copper water keeps them away from waterborne illnesses.

Rob found that storing water in a copper pitcher reduced the amount of E. coli bacteria to almost a negligible level. He also observed that a tiny amount of copper minerals leach into the water, which enriches the water.

  • Many artifacts found from Egypt show that everyday household items like a water pitcher, barware, chisels, decors were all made of Copper or Brass. Even copper was used to smooth the limestones to build great pyramids.
  • Copper is not always a rich red-gold hue in color. Some of the natural copper minerals are in shades of green, blue, red, or turquoise.
  • French artisans fabricated the Statue of Liberty with about 100 tons of copper from the Visnes copper mines on Karmoy Island, Norway.
  • The green patina or copper oxide layer (formed due to oxidation) is about 0.005-inches thick, and that has protected the statue from corrosion since built in1886.
  • In the ancient world, Greek soldiers cooked food in Copper, Brass, or Bronze. They drank water from copper pitchers to prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria & algae.

Copper is an amazing mineral and a metal. Its benefits are countless. If you know other benefits, drop a comment and we will write about it in the next article.