Are Copper Utensils Good for Health?

Are Copper Utensils Good for Health?

Art Engraved Copper Pitcher Set

Good cookware is an integral part of the kitchen and healthy cooking. With so many products of different materials available in the market today, the purchase of the right cookware can be confusing. With harmful toxins everywhere in our food, using healthy, non-toxic, natural cookware is more important now than ever. In the run for coated pots and pans, we have neglected a very basic metal that has been used for cooking since the earliest times known to Man – Copper.

The discovery of copper dates back to more than 10,000 years. Copper is one of the oldest metals discovered and cherished by humans. In the ancient world, food was cooked, served, and stored in copper vessels to prevent the growth of pathogens. The ancient Egyptians first pointed out the anti-bacterial properties of copper. Since the 1800s, most pots and pans that were insulated with copper were used.

Copper has also been endorsed by Ayurveda for its health benefits. Even the best-renowned chefs across the world endorse and validate their love for copper cookware. But, over time, copper was slowly forgotten in our kitchen due to copious/exaggerated, heavy advertising of other, so-called healthy, coated cookware.

Art Engraved Copper Pitcher Set

The modern world is now waking up to the innumerable benefits offered by the humble metal that offers therapeutic benefits, either when used for cooking or eating. Copper cookware is an extremely rewarding investment for your kitchen. Its responsiveness to even heating and conductivity makes it ideal cookware where heat regulation is required.

Key benefits of using copper cookware:
Copper, which was mostly forgotten in the Indian kitchens is now making a grand comeback and finding its rightful place. Being a good conductor of heat, copper enables even distribution of heat while cooking. A vital mineral for the human body, our ancestors used copper Matka to store water that helped in the purification process. Apart from the health benefits it offers, copper utensils add a touch of elegance to our kitchen.

Some of the benefits of using copper cookware are listed here:

  • Anti-bacterial properties: Copper is inherently anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. The copper alloy materials continuously kill harmful bacteria, including hospital bugs and E-Coli that cause food poisoning. Storing food in copper vessels is widely supported in Ayurveda.
  • Enables natural purification process: Water stored overnight in copper pots and bottles allows a safe amount of copper to leach in the water that kills bacteria. The copper-infused water also reduces the inflammation of the stomach, enabling the body’s natural purification process. Copper also helps in flushing out the toxins from our immune system, cleansing the liver and kidneys, and improving digestion. Ayurveda mentions that drinking 2-3 glasses of copper-infused water daily fulfills the body’s daily requirements of copper.
  • An excellent conductor of heat: Copper evenly heats the pan, a useful feature for cooking. Even heat distribution enables faster cooking with less energy, avoids scorching of food, and keeps the food warmer for a longer time compared to other cookware.
  • Elegant, stylish, and classy: Copper cookware adds a touch of beauty and class to your kitchen decor. The warm orange hue of copper and its rustic texture adds charm and grace. When each piece of copper cookware is elegantly designed, it deserves a special place to show off on your kitchen racks.

Choose the correct copper cookware:
Copper cookware is undoubtedly attractive, safe, and healthy. With a wide range of copper products available in the open market, always make sure you buy utensils and products that are heavy-bottomed, and lined copper cookware with sturdy handles. You should ensure the pots and pans have the same thickness all over for better durability. The thicker the cookware, the better it is. You should also ensure that the cookware contains at least 90% copper.

Copper cookware by Vriksha Homeware:
Vriksha Homeware is a sustainable, eco-conscious company that brings to you the best copperware that is an undisputed choice for many households. With excellent heat conductivity, meticulously engraved finishing, and a beautifully hand-crafted copper exterior, the products by Vriksha Homeware are designed for optimum durability and versatile cooking. The entire Vriksha Homeware collection is truly unique and of international quality standards.

Tips for maintaining copper cookware:
Copper cookware is a premium investment and hence needs to be treated with utmost care. Copper differs from the regular aluminum or stainless-steel material; it needs to be handled gently. Copper is scrub-sensitive. Hence, always use a soft sponge and a mild detergent to wash the copper cookware. Avoid heating an empty dry copper pan as the lining may degrade. When not in use, the copper cookware needs to be kept in a dry place. Copper cookware stays intact for generations and continues benefiting the owners for a long time.